Are we investing in wrong projection? IMAX: Fake or real?

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We don’t know about if IMAX is fake or not, but certain things make sure that the people who are selling these projections to the world may be using the fake one. Let’s face the truth at IMAX screens are not that much affordable as they are huge and need high-quality projection system so not anyone can buy and run movies on such projection.

When you purchase the ticket for IMAX movies then not only pay them too much, but all you get is a big screen with high definition and a way too much sound and high volume stereo system. But is that the only thing we are paying for? With the help of Hirek, we are trying to let you know some of the important facts that you must understand.


True reality behind IMAX

We all know the fact that people these days run for HD pictures and high stereo sound systems. This is what the individuals who are selling IMAX projection promise and cost you too much. However, at the sites like you will be able to realize that you must investigate before choosing the IMAX movie shows. The sites like will provide you the guide and let you understand that you may invest in the conventional movietheaters, but not IMAX as the projection of IMAX movies need high-quality apparatus to set on.


The idea of the IMAX was first introduced in 2008, and from the past nine years, you have seen same thing and same quality in the IMAX theater. Don’t you this it is fishy? With the help of the hirek, you will be able to know if IMAX is LieMAX or not? We are not stating that the idea of IMX is wrong, but our point is that people may be playing with you by giving you fake IMAX quality that you must know about. Hence with the help of makes sure to do the proper research.

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