Good Things Come in Pocket Sized! ShoppingWedding Lehenga for Petite Brides!  

Want to rewind the concept prevalent in India?

Most Indian Brides wait eagerly for their big day because they finally get to unite with their soul mate for the next 7 births. While, that does trigger the butterflies, but the thought of wearing a designer Indian wedding lehenga  also evoke a sense of jubilation amongst brides-to-be.

Indian wedding lehenga

Nevertheless, if you’re an NRI residing in the USA, you might feel a little anxious about choosing the correct wedding lehenga without trying it on a store first. However, you don’t have to curse your maker. You can still steal the show and become the prettiest bride ever. All you need to do is follow these guidelines, to shop and style your authentic wedding trousseau online.

Wedding Lehenga Buying Guide and Styling Tips for Petite Brides-to-be!

  1. Don’t go for layers

While choosing a traditional Indian wedding lehenga, think a little smartly. Layers may be in fashion but you should  avoid  them. The reason being when you add on extra layering or capes, the clothes might engulf you.

You need to wear the clothes, not the other way around. Hence, opt for less voluminous styles. Wear pristine white ones or bright red ones. Do your hair up for adding an inch to your look. Most importantly, wear attractive shoes.

  1. Embrace those kalis’

If you want to appear leaner, you need to choose a lehenga with more kalis’. Depending upon your frame, choose your style. If you’ve broad shoulders, go for v-necked anarkalis or wear a tank or tube blouse. Wear your lehenga skirt just above your belly button to appear tall.

  1. High necks are a No

If you don’t have a lean neck, high necks can weigh you down. Instead of depending upon your shoulder frame, opt for tube, tank or modest traditional blouse style tops. Choose the perfect shade,and you can opt for backless or sleeveless to appear bigger.

  1. Get measured!

Now, while shopping your Indian wedding lehenga, it’s the best to choose a pattern that works well with your body type. Nobody looks bad; it’s all a matter of fittings. Hence, wear fitted lehengas that look good on your frame and body type.

In fact, you can go to the dressmaker in advance and pick out a style and pattern before moving to designs. However, if a dressmaker isn’t available, you can ask your friend or a member of your family to take your measurements, so that you can order online accordingly.

So, don’t let your height interfere with your big day. Buy the right lehenga and do a bold makeup to turn all heads. Indulge in your perfect big fat Indian Wedding in the States.






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