Is it necessary to start early to become a good artist

Often you must have heard that if you don’t start early, you will never be able to amount to anything. This more often than not does not hold good. One can learn anything at any age. All it requires is the will, the perseverance and strong desire. All this combined gives the person the will to succeed.


In order to succeed at being an artist at any age you should follow these rules and tips:

  1. This is very essential in order to improve. By practicing, you realize the finer points and study this craft without consciously knowing it. Practicing means doing it for an hour a day atleast and that too every single day – not even taking the weekends off or cheat days or sick days.
  2. In order to practice, you need to look at something and should be able to replicate it. This is the foremost skill needed.
  3. Studying the masters and replicating them is another way to grow as an artist.

If you want to be an artist, however, you should have a gift. It is rightly said that you don’t choose art. Art chooses you. Artists are born. People learn techniques due to the love of learning and the joy of learning as well as their strong desire to know. If your end purpose of learning is to get better, you are on the right track. Whatever be your age, in order to take up art, you should look for successful artists whose work you admire, ask for their advice or mentorship. Or you can teach yourself and push forward even if all the odds are against you.

To get better as an artist you need to break down the art into skill and into the various components. For example to be a good painter, you should know how to sketch, draw, blend colors, shade, know brush techniques as well as compositions.


If you want to excel as an illustrator, you need to shade, draw, color as well as compose. You would need to know about animation too.

Sculptors need to know working and techniques using various materials like ceramic, metal and more. Their ideas should be first sketched and drafted on paper and then given a 3D form.

Video artists need to know audio, lighting, operating of the camera as well as editing and storyboarding.

All these probably can be understood and taught better at a later age rather than at a very young age.

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As a society have we failed to promote arts and music among kids?

The world is ever changing and the factor that is most important in his change is the effect that the present actions have on the future. The actions that people take at resent determine the course of future and the future of the world will be in the hands of the younger generation that is there in the schools right now.

earthwireAll the nations of the world have put special emphasis on the education of children. But, the problem is that not all of them focus on the real meaning of education. Many underdeveloped nations believe that just having the knowledge of reading and writing will improve the problem of education in their country. But, the main aim of education cannot be accomplished unless and until the children are taught about art a secondary level.

The world has seen a rise in violence in the recent years and all that is because though children are taught science in an explicit way they are not being taught the ways to use the knowledge of science. It is a known fact that when the wielder of power does not know the right usage that power, he can cause havoc in the world. This is what is happening these days. Kids are being taught science, use of technology while they are not being given the power of intellect that will direct their minds away from the destructive usage of science or the knowledge that they have gained in useful and creative direction.


Art and music are the tools that evoke gratitude in the humans and that leads to the feeling of giving back to the world and society that has invested in them and has made world a livable place. Just providing education for the sake of it is like giving a live bomb in the hands of a monkey. The monkey does not know the right use of that bomb. It may either throw it on someone or may try to eat it. In both the cases it is going to harm someone. Thus, when education is provided it should be made a point that it is quality education and that it encourages the children to explore the creativity in them so that we have more humane future for this world that is acute need of peace brotherhood and tolerance.

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