Get amazing home-decorating ideas with funky rock designs products

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Lots of people have products made of marble in their homes. But how often do you see breathtaking products made of stone? Funky Rock Designs is where you will find an artistic collection of vases, lamps and barware made entirely out of rocks.

More about Funky Rock Designs

It all started as a hobby of designing for friends and family and became a full-time business very quickly. Here you will not find the typical cases and holders that you see every day, but ones that have a funky touch to them.

If you want to purchase or know more about the different types of household items available, check out 50roots. You will be awestruck by the products that you can choose from. You get all these at good rates and therefore are quite affordable.




The process of crafting a product

There is a product basically for every room in your house. Whether it is a vase for your living room or a lamp for the study, you will find different designs to select from. A lot of hard work goes into the making of each item.

  • It all starts with hand-picking the right rock from different beaches in New England coast
  • Each stone is examined for cracks and what can be made out of it
  • Most of the rocks are kept in the original form; however, some of them need drilling or small cuts to make the perfect shapes
  • Lastly, the stones take the form of household items such as vases, lamps, holders, etc.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your house with exceptional items, try the products from Funky Rock Designs. You can purchase a beverage dispenser and use it for a party at your house, or a vase to place it right near the main door. Whatever you choose, it will surely add a unique and beautiful touch to your home.


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