Things to keep in your backpack while climbing the Everest

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This tallest mountain the Everest is attracting the myriad of amateur and professional climbers. Climbing is full of excitement with Adrenaline Rush. It is like challenging the capacity of oneself. You will be listening various types of truth and myths which people will be telling you about all the technical difficulties that you will be facing while climbing Everest. But there is no such dangerous but of course; some hidden dangers are there as a sudden change of weather or sickness due to high altitude or strong winds. Despite all these factors, nothing can stop the climbers from reaching their ultimate goal of overcoming the fear by challenging them self.

So, when you are packing for 29029 event,you need to keep some essential things in your backpack. Make sure that all the items that you are taking are handy and necessary.

Essentials to keep with you while Everesting

  • You have to carry various positioning equipment like the compass, handheld GPS, and most importantly the Washburn map.

29029 event


  • As you will have to communicate with your partners so you will need some equipment like satellite phones or Walkie Talkies. These two things can help you to save yourself if you get off track or suffer an injury.
  • If you want yourself to reach that height, then do not forget to keep the mask and oxygen tank with yourself. When you are Everesting,your body will need a lot of oxygen to keep you going. When you will climbing the high altitude, your body will suffer from low oxygen level which can impair the thinking capability of yours.


  • Your trainer will also tell you to take the climbing contraptions. This contraption should be having 15 m so that you can easily use it for crossing whenever you have to overcome any dangerous sections and emergency rescues.

These are the few things you should keep in your backpack for successfully reaching that height. In case you forget to keep any of these items then chances of returning without Everesting will be high.

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