Witches and wizards are incomplete without having ritual sword in their hand

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Athame is a ritual sword usually accompanied by a black handle. It is often used as a main ritual magic tool and is used by many magical traditions such as neopagans, witchcraft and even in satanic traditions. This type of swords is believed to have magical powers strong enough to even invoke gods and demons.

Appearance of such daggers/swords

The black handle of the sword proofs its originality and the two edged blades carry a symbolic meaning to its users. The handle of the ritual sword can be decorated as per the wish of its users and also based on the choice. Athame or any other such daggers also helps the user to display their authenticity. Each ritual asks for a different inscription in their dagger. For example daggers for satanic ritual require an inverted star inscribed in a circle.


ritual sword


The primary use of ritual sword is to channel psychic energy directly. It is also use to draw the magic circle in which the ritual is supposed to be done. This sword is used to invoke the four elemental guardians by simply drawing pentagrams at each quarter of the circle. The witches and Satanist often are required to take the help of magic for invoking certain deities or even cast some type of spell on a human.

The main issue regarding these swords are that there is no scientific explanation that why would these thing work in the first place other than to chop vegetables from both side but in this world religion and the power of it exceeds the limit of science. Therefore it is believed that it is the user’s faith on the dagger that could grant him the power to use it according to his/her wishes. Even though if it doesn’t work the way you expected you must agree it is still a badass double edged blade that can do some serious damage.

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